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Credent Real Estate is a full service real estate company in providing professional services of buying, selling and financing in real estate. Credent Real Estate is a growing company in Southern California, other states as well as internationally since it established in 2000. Credent Real Estate is, a dba of the ARGI Corporation, a US Registered Trademark, a member of National Association of Realtor, States and Local Boards of Realtor. We are committed to providing buyers and sellers with a courteous and professional atmosphere, making us stand out above the rest.

Our goal is to exceed the highest standard of customer satisfaction. We are here to assist our clients through every step of their home buying, selling, or financing process. By offering an array of services, Credent can cater to all the client’s real estate needs with convenient, fast, and friendly service.

At Credent, you can be sure to expect friendly service and individual attention on all your real estate needs.

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