We Offer a Hand Free Real Estate Investment Services  

Credent Real Estate Investment Team Specialists will help you every step in your real estate investment. Provides you a comprehansive investment analysis showing what, where and how to invest that maximize your investment returns -- and to the full satisfaction of all concerned. Our investment specialists are licensed professionals who have more than 20 years of experience combined in real estate and the mortgage industry. With our Service, you can invest with or without physical and time involvement, even when you are out of state, overseas, or foreigner. We do everything for you!

An Established Network of Specialists  
Credent has an established Network of Specialists to help you in every step of the way.  The Power Team is made up of: Brokers & Realtors, Mortgage Bankers, Private Capital Groups, Lawyers, CPA’s, Contractors, Title & Escrow Companies, 1031 Exchange Companies, Home Inspectors, Notaries, and many others that facilitate smooth transactions.
We understand that purchasing the right property for investment is one of the most important factor; therefore we will help you in every process.We will help you, with a strategic plan for your investment before investing in certain properties; we work with real estate professionals to find your investment properties, that meet your criteria; provide you with all the available information and cash-flow analysis towards your goals and objectives. With Onland World, we are on your side and help you invest in real estate for life!
We Locate Investment Properties

The Management Team will use their Multiple Sourcing Strategies to find your Investment Properties at Best Market Prices.  This saves you both Time and Money.  Our Sources include but are not limited to: For Sale by Owner Sales, Pre-foreclosure Short Sale, Trustee Sales, Pre-foreclosure Public Auctions, Bank Owned Properties, Real Estate Brokerage Networks, Investment Club Networks, etc.

Property Condition and Market Analysis: The Team visually inspects all subject properties to evaluate the current condition and use our extensive market conditions and neighborhood knowledge to determine fair market value of the subject properties.

Best Market Price Negotiations: The Team uses their knowledge of the market, property conditions, rental market analysis, comparable market analysis, estimated repair quotes and other proprietary strategies to negotiate for best market prices.

Property Financing Options:
Credent Service uses their Extensive Network of Mortgage Banks, Private Bankers, Venture Capital, Self Directed IRAs, Hard Money Lenders, Equity Sharing, Wholesaling, Seller Carry Backs, Options and Many More Creative Financing to get your deals financed.
Property Management

We will help manage your properties effectively. They provide Hands Free Property Management Consistent with the Investing Member’s Financial Objectives.  This includes Property Enhancement and Flipping, Buy and Hold Strategies, Lease Back Options, Rent To Own, Land Contracts and Many More.  Report monthly financial statement and cash-flow analysis including all income and expenses that help organize your investment portfolio records.

Property Maintenance:  The Team Secures Acquired Properties, do the Property Clean up, Winterization, Cosmetic Touch Ups and Remodeling, Landscaping and Curb Appeal Enhancements

Asset Protection & Exit Strategies
Asset protection is at the heart of every decision that the management team has to make.  It starts with the integrity of individual members to prudent title searches and insurance to avoid encumbrances, to giving all the necessary disclosures and permeates the whole acquisition, improvement, management and disposition.  Exit strategies are also part and parcel of Onland World asset protection strategies.  We customize multiple Exit Strategies based on Individual Member Financial Objectives.  The ideal exit strategies are evaluated on a case by case basis. 
Find out how we can help you in real estate investment:
This offer is for application only and there are some ristrictions applied. Credent real estate Franchises are available certain states and may not available in your states, please contact us for details.
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